luxor temple

No Pyramids in Luxor Egypt!

I lived in Las Vegas for 17 years and the entire time I was very annoyed by one thing, the Luxor Casino and its big glass pyramid. Why? Well, because in 1991 I spent time in Luxor, Egypt and there are no pyramids there–absolutely none! So, why in the world[…]

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Spirit of America Jet Car

The Spirit of America Jet Car Team

At one point fast cars–really, really fast cars–became the focus of my attention. I started following the race for a new land speed record between Craig Breedlove representing the USA and Richard Nobel of UK (who was defending his title). In 1997 both teams had their jet cars on the[…]

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Running a DJ Business in High School

About the time that I landed my first job ever working in a drug store, I began my obsession with HiFi equipment. I begged my parents to take me to the hifi store at every opportunity. I then began saving my money for a ‘true’ hifi system. After buying a[…]

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Review: Festivus Film Festival 2010

I attended my first film festival this weekend–the third annual Festivus film festival based here in Denver. I really had no idea what to expect; overall I enjoyed it, but it was, well, different than going to a commercial movie theater. I should also mention, I only attended one night[…]

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Macintosh Evangelist

I started playing on computers back with a Radio Shack TRS80 in about 1981. In my senior year of high school, I began taking V0-Tech classes from the local community college in computer programming on an Apple IIe computer. I learned to write code in BASIC and it was not[…]

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Review: Avatar Movie

Over the new years weekend of 2009 I had the opportunity to see the blockbuster movie Avatar. I had heard it was fantastic with the most amazing special effects. What I didn’t know, is that in addition to amazing effects, it had a powerful and compelling story line. The combination[…]

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Imax Screen

Tips for Watching IMAX Movies

IMAX theaters are know for their massively huge screens, impressive sound systems, and stadium style seating. I saw my first IMAX film in Las Vegas years ago. Back then, none of the main stream block buster titles were showing at IMAX. Only PBS style nature and science films were showing.[…]

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Earth’s Only Truly Immortal Creature

Earth’s only immortal creature looks startling familiar, having a striking ressemblence to Avatar’s small floating creatures know as the ‘Seeds of the Sacred Tree of Eywa.’ On earth, these creatures live in the oceans and are classified as a type of jellyfish known as the turritopsis nutricula. Like most jellyfish out there,[…]

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Review: Chess!

I started playing chess in about the 5th grade. I still remember the day when were close to a holiday break and the teachers had us working on a craft project. Those that completed the project early were allowed to play games from the library shelf of games. I chose[…]

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