Guatemala Dia de Pavo (Turkey Day)

I’m celebrating the 2011 Thanksgiving in Guatemala which is a strange dejavu of Thanksgiving 2009 in Belize (the neighboring county). This time it is held in my Spanish School, Munde en Español. There are 22 students here, 14 of which are from a medical volunteer organization. They are going off[…]

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Xela Spanish Schools

Last year I decided I wanted to learn Spanish. I hadn’t studied any languages since College in 1990 and had forgotten most of my German. So, before learning Spanish I spent the a few months this last summer in Germany brushing up on my German before moving onto a new[…]

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Xela Chocolate for Everything

The chocolate here is to die for–amazing mouthwatering stuff! We have hot chocolate a couple times a week with breakfast. The hot chocolate is amazing and has little flecks of the coco beans in it reminding me of flecks found in richer orange juice. It’s not unpleasant, but rather an[…]

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Guatemalan Chicken Bus

Guatemalan Chicken Bus Ride

On Saturday, my friend Stephanie and I decided to travel on a chicken bus to the farmers market in a small nearby town of Salcajá. The Spanish school is owned by Gladys; her 31 year old son Eduardo offered to be our guide for the morning. The ride each way[…]

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I'm a Guatamalan rockstar!

How to be a Guatemalan Rockstar

I am a rockstar as I walk down the streets here in Quetzaltenango. The women are all literally gawking at me and giving me flirtatious smiles. Men are pointing at me and heads are turning as I become the topic of conversation. I swear they are about to stop and[…]

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Guatemalan Suicide Showers

I’m terrified I’m going to fry myself and they will find my body laying on the shower floor jerking back and forth as 50 amps of raw power stylizing my blond hair with a popping noise to look like Billy Idol in the Rebel Yell video. It all started when[…]

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