Drinking Urine in Guatemala

I didn’t do it, but I’m intrigued by the idea. This last week I was in my Spanish class and talking to my instructor about the art of medicine in different cultures. My instructor has issues with migraines and some occasional stomach issues. That was when she brought up that[…]

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Sleeping in a Pyramids at San Marcos

Want to sleep in a pyramid? You can do it at San Marcos. Recently I went to Lake Atitlan which is the largest inland body of water in Guatemala. It is a big lake in the crater of a huge volcano surrounded by a handful of towns. I spent my[…]

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No Easter Bunny or Egg Hunts in Guatemala

Forget hiding and finding eggs on easter when in Guatemala. But, as a trade off, you get to smash an egg on top of a friends head wishing them prosperity and good luck. Easter is one of those interesting holidays which has evolved over the last couple thousand years from[…]

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