Astoria Bridge

2010 Road Trip Washington to California

I was offered the chance at a nearly all expense paid vacation and jumped at it! It isn’t often that you get to go on a trip like this. Granted, it was nothing fancy like flying to Europe to stay in a castle, but for me, this was an amazing[…]

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1959 Chevy Apache Truck Valve Covers

After putting in the new starter, we discovered a clicking noise coming from the engine. It wasn’t anything really bad, but we were there with the tools, so Steve recommended we pull off the valve covers and look at the valves and rocker arms. He did some adjustments. I had[…]

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59 Chevy Apache Truck Dash

1959 Chevy Apache Truck Instrument Cluster

I think it annoyed me more than anything that every time I drove my truck I’d be staring right in front of me at this beautiful big speedometer with a chrome bevel, but the glass was so cloudy I could barely read the numbers or see what was beneath. I[…]

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