Quito Ecuador

I ended up in Quito quite by accident; actually I had never heard of Quito before November 18th. It happened like this: I arrived two and a half hours early at the Orlando airport with my passport in hand, excited to be off to another amazing adventure. Little did I[…]

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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Truth be told, I really didn’t know the Galapagos were here in Ecuador. My geography improves as I travel and occasionally, in situations like this, it is a pleasant surprise to discover something so special right in your path of travel. After leaving Bogota, Colombia, I flew to Quito in[…]

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Bogota Colombia

More than a few of my friends whispered concerned warnings to me about being kidnapped when I announced my intention to visit Colombia; this fear is the norm among Americans who follow the media. Colombians have similar fears about coming to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles because every crazy[…]

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Why I’m Passionate About Minimalism

I Was a Hoarder I wasn’t always a minimalist; like so many others in the USA, I hoarded stuff and filled my life with things—both the physical variety of consumer items purchased from Amazon and delivered right to my doorstep, as well as the time sucking variation, those that occupied[…]

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