I Love Buenos Aires, Argentina

Egyptian Obelisk in South America? I’m obsessed with everything Egyptian. Those who know me well know that I spent a couple of years in college studying Egyptian hieroglyphs and that in college and after graduating made a trip to Egypt for a couple weeks to see the real thing! Anyway, I[…]

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Wine Country: Mendoza, Argentina

Free Wine Everywhere! It’s true, all over Mendoza you can find free wine. Although I didn’t go into McDonalds to see if the combo meal included wine, all other restaurants included wine with combo meals (choice of water, soda or wine). My hostel, where I paid a small fee of $14[…]

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Patagonia from the Other Side: Bariloche, Argentina

Lakes, Mountains and Trees of Patagonia Bariloche is placed on the south side of a large lake, surrounded by trees and in a small valley. It reminds me of Colorado, but with bigger lakes and smaller mountains. The scenery is stunning and very serene. This area would be considered the[…]

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