Rasnov Fortress Romania

This is the second part of my adventure when I made a day trip to both Bran and Rasnov. I actually knew nothing about Rasnov prior to going there other than friends told me to stop and look around after seeing Bran Castle. I really enjoyed wandering around the area[…]

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Dracula’s Bran Castle Romania

Dracula, Bran Castle, Vampires, Transylvania, Romania, and Undead are all themes surrounding the tourist industry in Brasov, Romania. I made a day trip from Brasov out to Bran to see the famous castle. You get to see a near complete walk-through of the castle (at high speed) along with some[…]

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Skin Cancer!

I friend found a spot on my back that I didn’t know existed. They think it is skin cancer and I decided I need to go to a dermatologist while in Romania. So, this video is about my experience at the doctor and my diagnosis (no spoilers here).    […]

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