My Blue Tongued Skink

After my huge Goliath Bird-Eating Spider hit maturity, I became bored with it. It rarely, if ever, left its hiding spot and I began wanting a pet that was more active, but still somewhat unique. I started looking around the exotic pet store and talking to the staff about various[…]

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Living on an Israeli Kibbutz

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I got on a plane and headed to live in Israel. Before graduation I had learned of an awesome opportunity for students in Israel called an Ulpan. Ulpan is obviously a Hebrew word which in today’s vocabulary might be best translated as a ‘work-study’[…]

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Driving an Ambulance in High School

What kind of car did you drive in high school? My first car, which I obtained late in my junior year of high school, was a 1969 Cadillac ambulance. My father bought it for me from a used TV shop in Grand Junction, Colorado. I thought it was a blast[…]

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