Bee Sting in Utila Honduras

The day before I was to go diving, I was walking down the main narrow road when a bee flew between my foot and sandal. As I stepped down, I crushed the bee, but not before he managed to get in his last gasping revenge to sting me. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to bees and my entire foot swelled up like a balloon. I had to cancel my dive and see a doctor instead. The doctor visit and medication cost me about $40 and required I stay off the foot for a couple days. So, I spent the time in a hammock and doing some swimming off the dock where I was staying. After three days the swelling went down and that weekend I was able to go diving again.


  1. OUCH! So glad it was not more serious!

  2. When i get a bee sting, what i would usually do is use topical anti-inflammatories to relieve the pain. ‘:*”‘

    Kindest regards“>

    • good advice. I did do that and went to a local island pharmacy and they gave me anti-inflamitories for it.


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