Bratislava, Slovakia

About the Photo Above: Rainy Days in Bratislava
I was only in Bratislava for two nights, enough to see all the historical areas of the city. During the entire time it rained, but I sort of liked the way the light reflected off the stones of the street and seeing all the umbrellas. This was one street I walked down which had a church at the end.

Brats are not from Bratislava
I admit I had my fingers crossed on this one. You may, or may not, have noticed that I like to find a historical connection, or something close to it, for food name to city name. When I visited Hamburg, Germany, I had to go out and eat a hamburger. In Wien, I wanted a Wienerschnitzel and Wiener. French Fries in France… you get the picture. Unfortunately I was told that Brats are from somewhere in Germany, and not from Bratislava. I know, you must be disappointed just like me. Oh well, I’m sure there will be other cities with this fun connection (feel free to contact me with suggestions).

Onion Soup in a Bowl
I went to a Slavakian Pub twice while there. It was raining out both times and the first time I felt compelled to buy onion soup in a bread bowl, the perfect food for a rainy, cold day. And, I was not disappointed. The bread bowl was big and filled with yummy, hot onion soup (thank goodness I didn’t have a date that night!). Photo is below.

The Not So Impressive Castle
Perhaps Disney has ruined many things for me, one of which is my expectations to what a castle should look like. I admit, although I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve not seen a lot of European castles. So, I guess I was not awed by the castle just a stone’s throw from my hostel. It was big, with big, tall walls, but didn’t have a lot of turrets or tall towers, or the jagged up and down jigsaw type roofline. Well, below is a photo so you can judge for yourself.

Costs in Bratislava
Costs were similar to the USA (except lodging of cheaper hostels).
Hostel: $14/night (shared dorm) including breakfast
Food: typically $3 to $5 meal for lunch or dinner
Transportation: the metro was 80¢ (short distance based on zones)

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Castle Above, Trolley Below

On the hill is the not-so-impressive Bratislava Castle. Certainly it would be just as effective at keeping guys with swords from killing your king, but it doesn’t have the disney turrets or towers.

Decorative Door

I have a thing for decorative doors, especially when they have sculpted people on them. This one was for a Slovakian restaurant.

City Hall

Actually I don’t know for certain this is the city hall; the sign said city center and there was a museum on the bottom floor. But it was a cool looking building and similar to other city halls I’ve seen in Europe.

Martians Attack Bratislava

This could be a scene from the movie War of the Worlds with the three legged Martian destroyer blasting away, but it is some sort of observatory and restaurant straddling the river bridge.

Onion Soup

On a rainy day, there is nothing better than onion soup in a bread bowl… a very big bread bowl!

Restaurant in a Theater

Remember the bookstore in an opera theater I posed from Buenos Aires? This is a similar thing in a smaller venue. This wonderful Slovakian restaurant was built in a converted theater space.

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