Minimalist Living through Earthships and Tiny Houses

Recently I saw this amazing video which cast a new light on how we build our homes and use energy, resources, and materials around us both in the construction and active dwelling in our homes. I highly recommend this video to anyone who likes to ponder the way we living[…]

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Choosing Between Gas versus Diesel

I’m trying to choose between gas and diesel for my next vehicle. I had heard from various places and advertisers that diesel engines last about twice as long as gas engines and are better for carrying loads. All good and well, but I also was curious why they might have[…]

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Full-Time Nomadic Living

I have spent a lot of time since the winter of 2009 thinking about full time nomadic living. In 2009 I was buried in liabilities and expenses and bleeding money by several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars each month as my publishing company sucked money into a huge hole.[…]

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