Night Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Love or Hate Your first experience on a night train can be either a nightmare of stress, worry and discomfort, or one of wonder and intrigue. Really, it all comes down to a matter of persecutive where applying the principles of the glass half full or half empty analogy is[…]

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Lacey Olympia Washington Bikini Barista

Espresso Booths in Washington

I’ve been to a lot of coffee shops in lots of different places in the USA as well as other countries, but I must admit I was a bit surprised by the small Espresso shops in Washington state, especially those with the scantily clad bikini girls. Each of the shops[…]

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Astoria Bridge

2010 Road Trip Washington to California

I was offered the chance at a nearly all expense paid vacation and jumped at it! It isn’t often that you get to go on a trip like this. Granted, it was nothing fancy like flying to Europe to stay in a castle, but for me, this was an amazing[…]

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Credo Coffee Downtown

Donation Based Business Model at Credo Coffee

I never thought I’d see a food based business like a coffee shop function completely on donations, but shortly after arriving in Orlando Florida I finally experienced one. I’m elated with the success of Downtown Credo Coffee shop in Orlando. When you order your drink, if you are not taking[…]

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Colostomy Takedown Surgery at St. Anthony’s Hospital

It’s been five months since my colostomy surgery and I’ve been living daily life with a plastic bag attached to my side between my belly button and hip. In some ways having a plastic bag for poop is really convenient, but I’d say the drawbacks outweigh the benefits and I’d[…]

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Colostomy Surgery at St. Anthony’s

Go big or go home, that is what they say. I often apply this principle in my life with varying degrees of success. But, for my first hospital experience as a patient, you might say I went a little bit overboard. Chalk it up to luck, or something else, whatever[…]

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Winter Air Conditioning in Hong Kong

The first day I arrived in Hong Kong the outside temperature was around 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) which was a major change from Malaysia where daily temperatures hovered in the mid 80s. To combat the temperature change, I bundled up in my winter coat and swapped shorts and[…]

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Ding-Ding-ah Trolley in Hong Kong

I find the name both amusing and fun at the same time. Ding Ding-ah is what locals in Hong Kong call the trolley tram that runs down the middle of the street. I’m told the name comes from the sound it makes. Each trolley has a bell that it rings[…]

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