Döner Kebap, My Favorite Sandwich

When I landed in Copenhagen, Denmark, I stayed at the amazing Generator Hostel there and met some amazing people from Dresden, Germany. They told me I absolutely MUST try two things while in Germany: currywurst and döners. Once I arrived in Berlin I tried both. I wasn’t so impressed with[…]

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luxor temple

No Pyramids in Luxor Egypt!

I lived in Las Vegas for 17 years and the entire time I was very annoyed by one thing, the Luxor Casino and its big glass pyramid. Why? Well, because in 1991 I spent time in Luxor, Egypt and there are no pyramids there–absolutely none! So, why in the world[…]

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Macintosh Evangelist

I started playing on computers back with a Radio Shack TRS80 in about 1981. In my senior year of high school, I began taking V0-Tech classes from the local community college in computer programming on an Apple IIe computer. I learned to write code in BASIC and it was not[…]

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