Adventure Motorcycle Riding in Colorado

While I was living in Guatemala for the last five months I met over 20 adventure motorcyclists who were all traveling south (does anyone go north?). Most of them were making a several month trek from either Canada or the USA and heading to various destinations in South America (most[…]

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Guatemala Easter Traditions

 Semana Santa Easter is commonly referred to as Semana Santa in Guatemala. The words literally translate as semana = week and santa = holy or sacred, or together they really mean ‘Holy Week’. And in Guatemala this term means the week prior to and including Easter, but also is loosely[…]

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Guatemalan Bathrooms 101

Many first time tourists to Guatemala are confused by several features of Guatemalan bathrooms. Typically they are frustrated by cold showers, clogged toilets and have questions like, “where is the hot water knob?” I have been living with a Guatemalan family for about five months now and think I’ve figured[…]

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Drinking Urine in Guatemala

I didn’t do it, but I’m intrigued by the idea. This last week I was in my Spanish class and talking to my instructor about the art of medicine in different cultures. My instructor has issues with migraines and some occasional stomach issues. That was when she brought up that[…]

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Sleeping in a Pyramids at San Marcos

Want to sleep in a pyramid? You can do it at San Marcos. Recently I went to Lake Atitlan which is the largest inland body of water in Guatemala. It is a big lake in the crater of a huge volcano surrounded by a handful of towns. I spent my[…]

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No Easter Bunny or Egg Hunts in Guatemala

Forget hiding and finding eggs on easter when in Guatemala. But, as a trade off, you get to smash an egg on top of a friends head wishing them prosperity and good luck. Easter is one of those interesting holidays which has evolved over the last couple thousand years from[…]

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Lanquin and Semuc Champey Guatemala

Zephyr Lodge Lanquin One of the best and most amazing places I’ve ever stayed is Zephyr Lodge in Lanquin. It was almost a polar opposite to my experience in Rio Dulce. The staff at Zephyr are more like your favorite bar tenders. They were entertaining and ultra friendly. The lodge[…]

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casa perico rio dulce guatemala

Casa Perico Rio Dulce Guatemala Review

Casa Perico is about 10 minutes by boat from Rio Dulce Guatemala. We took a small launch to get there and arrived in the afternoon. The Lodge itself is beautiful and quant. The whole place is suspended on poles about three feet above the mud and ponds of the swamp[…]

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Livingston Guatemala

Perhaps I didn’t give Livingston a fair chance. I really enjoyed getting there on the little boat with my luggage thrown in front (I kept wondering if it would fall out after a large wave). Livingston is unique in Guatemala in that it’s population is a mix of Garífuna, Afro-Caribbean,[…]

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