European Travel Tips

There are a lot of things I’ve learned while traveling in Europe that I wish someone would have told me before I started. I’m passing these along to readers to save you some time in the learning curve. Ticket Validation: Every country I’ve been to so far sells tram or[…]

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The Best and Worst of Prague Czech Republic

Prague was on my list of the top seven cities to see in Europe, so when I was in Dresden I discovered that Prague was only a few hours away by bus. So, although I had not planned on going to Prague so soon in my trip, it financially made[…]

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The Best of Dresden Germany

I’d put Dresden on my list of must see places in Germany. Below are some of the things I love about Dresden. Beauty: If you like old, beautiful buildings, Dresden will be a amazing experience. The city is divided north and south into two zones called the old city and[…]

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Six Worst Things about Berlin Germany

It is really hard for me to find six things I don’t like about Berlin, but if I were forced, below is my list. Graffiti everywhere: I should ask a local about it because I know they actually have a paid tour of the “urban art” because graffiti is everywhere. It[…]

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Seven Things I Like About Berlin Germany

Berlin is an amazing city filled with history, culture and interesting, welcoming people. And, I’m sure it helps that I speak German, so my views may be slightly skewed, but I’ll try to remain objective as I write posts about it. Here is a short list of things I love[…]

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