Europeans and Bike Helmets

Only kids wear helmets in Europe–I’m not really sure why, but adults never wear helmets unless they are racing bikes in a marathon or something like that. In America, if you aren’t wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle, people more-or-less think you are stupid and just asking to have your head smashed like a pumpkin. Not so in Europe where only children, prone to accidents, are donning helmets. If I were to guess at the logic, because so many people are riding bikes as their primary transport, both genders don’t want to mess up their hair and fashion is of great concern than the minor risk of injury through not wearing a helmet. Further, riding a bike is much safer in Europe for several reasons: 1) bike paths 2) drivers are more aware of bikers because they are so much more common 3) bikers are more observant of traffic laws and rules (not running intersections) 3) bikes are equipped with more lights and reflectors than those in the US. Regardless of the various possible reasons, I still find it interesting that riding bicycles is more common than driving an auto and bike helmets are simple almost nonexistent among adults. It gives you something to think about!

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