Food in Utila Honduras

I have a new appreciation for seafood. The fish plates in Utila restaurants were absolutely amazing. For 120 limpera (about $6) you could get a big grilled fish fillet and three sides. The plate was huge and a challenge to finish. Beer was an additional 30 limpera ($1.50). I ate fish almost every night I was there and I suspect it will be some time before I find fish that good again.

My favorite places to eat in Utila are:

  • RJs BBQ Grill: this place has the best fish I’ve ever had with no exceptions! Downside is it isn’t open every night. If it was, I’d eat only here.┬áService is slow and not that great; expect to wait a good 30-40 minutes for your meal.
  • Main Street Cafe: like RJs, this place is closed some nights. I ate here three times and enjoyed every meal. Service is slow and not that great.

Other places I ate were:

  • Mermaids: cheap cafeteria type food
  • Bubalu’s: this is an awesome place to go for a drink, but I found the food just so-so in comparison to my favorites
  • Skid Row: I had a very good BBQ pulled chicken sandwich here. I’m told pizza was good. Mostly I didn’t go back because it was on the opposite side of town from where I was staying

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