German Newspaper Holder (Zeitunghalter)

I have no idea of other parts of the US have this gadget I am seeing everywhere in Europe, but this newspaper holder is simple and brilliant! I can’t even remember how many times a newspaper has become separated or disorganized while I was trying to read it. In Germany (and other parts of Europe) they use a gadget called a Zietunghalter (literally translated as newspaper holder) made of two long flat boards held together at the end, one end having a handle on it and the other a hook so it can hang on a rack.

Could it be that American newspapers are just too thick for something like this? Or, is it that Americans like to divide up sections of the paper and read them separately. I don’t know the answer, but I’m liking the newspaper holders I’ve seen!


  1. Agreed, these devices are simple, old school-cool.

  2. where did you live in berlin for 420$ a month plz tell me because i am living damn expensive life

    • I believe its more like $600/m with $400 for a room with some german roommates and about $200 for food. I rode a bike everywhere.


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