Livingston Guatemala

Perhaps I didn’t give Livingston a fair chance. I really enjoyed getting there on the little boat with my luggage thrown in front (I kept wondering if it would fall out after a large wave). Livingston is unique in Guatemala in that it’s population is a mix of Garífuna, Afro-Caribbean, Maya and Ladino people and culture. It sits right at the edge of Guatemala on the Caribbean coast and isn’t really accessible by road. After arriving tourists are plagued by locals trying to get you to stay a their hostel or hotel. I ended up staying at ‘African Place’ which looks like it was amazing a decade or two ago, but was in desperate need of repair. Bathrooms had cold water and there was no wifi.

Perhaps I’ve become jaded and used to Guatemalan suicide showers for hot water, but I really dislike showering in cold water and feel absolutely distraught without wifi internet. Apparently wifi is only available in internet cafes and a few select restaurants. I didn’t find the small town that interesting and given the lack of wifi I decided to only stay a night before leaving on the next boat to Rio Dulce.

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