Macintosh Evangelist

macI started playing on computers back with a Radio Shack TRS80 in about 1981. In my senior year of high school, I began taking V0-Tech classes from the local community college in computer programming on an Apple IIe computer. I learned to write code in BASIC and it was not long before I knew more than the instructor. I spent two semesters in computer programming and fell in love with the Apple IIe. My freshman year of college I declare my major in Computer Science. I took PASCAL and FORTRAN. Most of my work that year was done on a main frame computer terminal. My sophomore year I changed majors to Ancient Near Eastern Studies. I took a course in Biblical Hebrew and everyone in the Ancient Studies Department was using Apple Macintosh computers. At the time, DOS PC computers could only do a limited amount of fonts whereas the Macintosh had all sorts of exotic fonts like Hebrew, Aramaic, and even Egyptian Hieroglyphs. It was totally amazing. So, the first computer I ever owned was a Macintosh Plus. It had 1mg of RAM and two 880k floppy drives. I later upgraded it by buying an external 30 megabyte hard drive. This computer pretty much held me through the remainder of college.

After graduating I sold my Mac Plus and replaced it with a Mac IIsi. I started my own graphic design company and also loved my Mac so much I gathered four of my closest Mac user friends to form VMUG, the Vegas Macintosh Users Group. I became a certified consultant for Apple and Adobe helping ad agencies and print shops get set up with desktop publishing and color separation systems. Today, years later, I own five Mac computers. I’ve never owned a Microsoft OS computer (DOS or Windows). I’m pleased every time I’m at a coffee shop and ask a person there how they like their Mac laptop. Without exception, they will tell me they love it. Most claim they just switched from a windows machine and will never go back. Awesome!

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