People Who Inspire Me

The list below is of people I view as inspirational and role-models to me. Please share your own list in the comments area!

  1. Ajahn Brahm: Born in Britain, he eventually graduated from Oxford with a PhD in Sub Atomic Physics and somehow ended up becoming a Thai Buddhist Monk. Currently Ajahn Brahm is the head of the Buddhist Society in Australia. He is both funny and inspiring to me. I’ve listened to well over a 100 of his podcasts and youtube videos.
  2. Brittany Taylor: From Austin, Texas, this young lady is only in her 20s, but she absolutely glows with love, compassion and inspiration. She is a minimalist nomad who is passionate about simple living and eating raw fruit.
  3. Colon of Thriving Minimalist: Colon and Brittany are currently sharing life’s journey together. Colon shares many of the same core values of Brittany and inspires me to reduce toxic elements in my life and increase joy and happiness.
  4. The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus): OK, actually these are two people who are passionate about minimalism. I read their blog on a regular basis (
  5. Leo Babauta: Write of Zen Habits website blog. Amazing, inspirational person in my life!
  6. Jose Mujica: After being shot six times and being jailed 14 times for opposing the former government, Jujica was elected president of the small country of Uruguay in South America. The former president shunned the luxurious lifestyle and was usually seen in casual clothes for official ceremonies and rarely, if ever, wore a tie. By donating 90 per cent of his salary to charity, his income was roughly equal to the average wage in Uruguay – $775 (£485) a month. He lives on a farm and drives a 1987 Beetle (shunning the presidential housing and automobiles).
  7. Timothy Ferriss: Although I don’t agree 100% with everything Tim does, he, more than any other person, has turned my life upside down. I sold everything to follow my dreams as a direct result of reading Tim’s book, The 4-Hour Work Week.