Sleeping in a Pyramids at San Marcos

Want to sleep in a pyramid? You can do it at San Marcos. Recently I went to Lake Atitlan which is the largest inland body of water in Guatemala. It is a big lake in the crater of a huge volcano surrounded by a handful of towns. I spent my first night in San Marcos which is apparently fairly well known internationally as a healing and spiritual center. There were dozens of yoga studios, meditation centers, spas, massage studios and a variety of interesting places to stay including sleeping in your own mini-pyramid. I thought this was pretty darn cool and a heck of a deal for only about $10 a night. Click here to check it out.



  1. For how long did you stayed in the Pyramids? did you took a course or something or was it a one night thing? (great blog by the way)

    • I actually stayed at a place nearby and only saw the pyramids. I thought they were very amusing and something I would like to do just for fun and so I could say I did it. Someone later told me that you had to sign up for the meditation program to stay in them, but I actually don’t know.


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