Valparaiso, Chilé


A wonderful VanGogh style sunflower mural

Street Art and Fantastic Murals
Valparaiso is the most colorful city I’ve visited anywhere; the streets are filled with murals and colorful buildings. Because most of the city is on a hill, the views of the colorful houses warms the soul. It is simply delightful. Much of the city of populated by younger folks with dreadlocks and colorful clothing carrying guitars or backpacks. Sleeping in to noon is the norm as is staying up until 3 or 4am. My hostel had an absolutely stunning view of the city below and the bay (water is ice cold). I spent four nights here relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather and sights.


The beach at Vina de Mar

Viña del Mar
Locals call this small city only 10 minutes from Valparaiso the “opposite brother.” We might call them sister cities, but locals see these two as opposites. Valparaiso is filled with funky art murals and dreadlock musicians where Viña del Mar looks like a hybrid of Ikea and Miami with slick, modern buildings and well groomed beaches.

Costs in Valparaiso
As I travel further south in Chili, the prices are increasing. Costs for food in Valparaiso were about the same as US cities with meals costing around $8 to $12. Because I’m trying to keep to a low budget, I started cooking for myself two meals. Below is a break down:

  • Hostel: $15/night (shared dorm)
  • Food: $8-$12 meal for lunch or dinner (I opted to buy groceries and cook here to save money)
  • Ride on Elevator Rail Car: 30¢
  • 15 minute train ride to Viña del Mar: $2 roundtrip


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