1959 Chevy Apache Truck Project

1959 Chevy Apache Truck Valve Covers

After putting in the new starter, we discovered a clicking noise coming from the engine. It wasn’t anything really bad, but we were there with the tools, so Steve recommended we pull off the valve covers and look at the valves and rocker arms. He did some adjustments. I had[…]

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59 Chevy Apache Truck Dash

1959 Chevy Apache Truck Instrument Cluster

I think it annoyed me more than anything that every time I drove my truck I’d be staring right in front of me at this beautiful big speedometer with a chrome bevel, but the glass was so cloudy I could barely read the numbers or see what was beneath. I[…]

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Starter Repair

After driving the truck for about a week, I started having problems starting it. At first it looks like I was flooding it by giving it too much gas. Later I thought it was the battery. Finally we discovered the starter had lost half of its cranking power due to[…]

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Buying My First Hot Rod

Over the last couple years I’ve been checking off items on my bucket lists of dreams (I’m not dying, I just want to do my bucket list now instead of later). Two of the items on my list are to own a vintage hot rod and another is to learn[…]

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