Reviews: Denver WiFi Coffee Shops

Why do you go to a coffee shop? Is it for some unique flavor of imported coffee, just to use free WiFi while sipping coffee, or is it for the ambiance? For me, it is not so much about special flavors of coffee; it is more about finding a place[…]

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wrist watch

Waiting for an Appointment

Perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves is making an appointment with a business professional, like a doctor, and then sitting and waiting in a reception room for 30 or 40 minutes before the person will see me. Medical doctors seem to be the worst at this. I believe if[…]

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Review: Living in Colorado

When I tell people that I moved to Denver from Las Vegas, the first thing they ask is, “What brought you to Colorado?” Well, it certainly wasn’t work related, which is the common reason most people move for. In some ways the answer is simpler–even if it isn’t the typical[…]

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Review: H-BurgerCO

Last night I went to the sneak-preview restaurant opening of H-BurgerCO (http://www.hburgerco.com/) here in Denver–a somewhat exclusive promotional night specifically aimed at the media in order to promote the new restaurant. H-BurgerCO is a trendy, slick new gourmet burger restaurant in downtown Denver (LoDo). The place itself has a contemporary-modern,[…]

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Reading Addiction

I have a major reading addiction which started when I was about 11 years old. I’ve never been able to shake it. In 5th grade we were given reading time during class and told to choose any book from the Great Books list in the classroom. I had a fascination[…]

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Joy from Colorado Clouds

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point in my childhood I developed a fondness for laying on my back and gazing up at clouds as they floated by. There was something mystical and serene about the whole experience. Although I made 27 moves before graduating from high[…]

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on golden pond

Review: On Golden Pond at Vintage Theater

This last friday my best friend surprised me with a couple of tickets to a play at the Vintage Theater. I was pleased to discover the play was On Golden Pond. What most of my friends don’t know is back in the early 1980s, the movie On Golden Pond was[…]

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Review: Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub

I’m a big fan of WiFi Coffee shops. There are several key factors I look for in my coffee shops, and for the most part, Rooster and Moon comes through with flying colors. It must have made an impression, because since discovering the place almost a week ago, I’ve been[…]

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alarm clock

Life without an Alarm Clock

It all started several months ago when someone I was dating made the startling revelation they did not use an alarm clock. At first I was dumbfounded; how in the world could anyone function without an alarm clock? To me, this was almost like living without electricity or modern plumbing.[…]

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