One Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jesus is Watching! When I was a child, I was told two very important people were watching me, so I had better be good. The first was Santa Claus and the second, Jesus. I think I was always more motivated by the threat of coal for Christmas and wanting lots[…]

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Shopping and My Police Raid… Sao Paulo and Paraty, Brazil

Highs and Lows of Brazil About the Photo Above: Street in Paraty, Brazil I have a thing for colonial style towns and villages; something about the cobblestone streets intrigues me (even while trying to pull my four-wheeler luggage down the street). I found Paraty to be charming and interesting, enough[…]

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Porto Alegre and Florianopolis Brazil

About the Photo Above: My Hostel in Florianopolis, Brazil Nice view right? Yep, that’s the breakfast and bar area of my hostel in Florianopolis, Brazil (Barra Beach Club Hostel). My actual dorm room is behind me in the photo.We had a great ocean view all day long (I was a[…]

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