My Quest for the Best Hamburgers in the World

Anyone who knows me well, or even spends a week around me, knows that once a week I indulge in a decadent meal where calories, portion size and nutrition are not consideration. In the USA we call this a “splurge meal” or “cheat meal.” My non-diet food of choice for my[…]

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Credo Coffee Downtown

Donation Based Business Model at Credo Coffee

I never thought I’d see a food based business like a coffee shop function completely on donations, but shortly after arriving in Orlando Florida I finally experienced one. I’m elated with the success of Downtown Credo Coffee shop in Orlando. When you order your drink, if you are not taking[…]

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Review: China Airlines

In November of 2012 I bought a one way ticket from Los Angeles to Taipei, Taiwan with China Airlines which at the time was offering the best rates between the two locations. I expected the typical airline experience of seats sized for 12 year old kids, small bags of peanuts,[…]

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Review: Malaysia KKKL Bus Company

Two thumbs down! Poor Service! I feel I’m a very patient person; it takes a lot to annoy me. We bought our bus ticket in Kala Lumpur to Butterworth for the 1:00pm bus on platform 13. No problem. We were down at the platform 10 minutes early and saw a[…]

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Sleeping in a Pyramids at San Marcos

Want to sleep in a pyramid? You can do it at San Marcos. Recently I went to Lake Atitlan which is the largest inland body of water in Guatemala. It is a big lake in the crater of a huge volcano surrounded by a handful of towns. I spent my[…]

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casa perico rio dulce guatemala

Casa Perico Rio Dulce Guatemala Review

Casa Perico is about 10 minutes by boat from Rio Dulce Guatemala. We took a small launch to get there and arrived in the afternoon. The Lodge itself is beautiful and quant. The whole place is suspended on poles about three feet above the mud and ponds of the swamp[…]

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Boat Trip to Rio Dulce

You never know with boat trips from one city to the next. More often than not thy are horrifying experiences where you spend most of the ride puking into plastic bags (i.e. from the main land to Utila). The boat ride from Livingston to Rio Dulce is almost the polar[…]

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Review: Jade Seahorse in Utila Honduras

One of the most unique and amazing places in Utila is the Jade Seahorse ( I can’t even begin to describe the place, but it is a lot like someone from Burning Man building a house on an island. The “Jade” of JadeSeahorse refers to the fabulous Mayan stone so[…]

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Food in Utila Honduras

I have a new appreciation for seafood. The fish plates in Utila restaurants were absolutely amazing. For 120 limpera (about $6) you could get a big grilled fish fillet and three sides. The plate was huge and a challenge to finish. Beer was an additional 30 limpera ($1.50). I ate[…]

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