Step Van Project Interior Layout Information

Welcome to my blog website and thank you in advance for your interest in helping me design the interior layout of my step van. I hope this is a fun and interesting experience for you; if this is at all stressful, please engage in something that brings you more satisfaction as I have no wish to cause you grief or stress in your life.

Not a Contest: Please remember this is not a contest; it is simply an easy way for those who wish to engage in the creative process of designing an interior layout for my step van. I welcome the input and ideas you come up with.

Keep it Simple: Sketches are perfect and you don’t need dimensions marked on anything. I’m only looking for layout ideas at this point. Exact measurements can come later once a layout is chosen.

The wood stove is called the Cub. Here is a link to the specs:

Here are the basics:

  • Number one most important thing to remember: have fun… keep it simple and easy.
  • I’m building in a 18 foot box (216 in x 83.5 in)
  • Wheel wells are 44 in x 22 in x 8.5 in tall (and located 57 in from the back)
  • I’m not adding extra windows
  • Rear doors are 58 in wide (centered)
  • I’d like guests to be able to walk through front to back
  • The door to the drivers area will be about 1/3 width (don’t have details on that yet)
  • Ceiling is about 6 foot 9 in
  • I’m planning on a full kitchen, but running off solar (no generator). I’ll use wood stove in winter when it is active and propane for summer.
  • I will have a wood stove called “The Cub” (might be best next to the kitchen area for wood stove cooking on when in use)
  • No dedicated bathroom (most likely I’ll have an emergency potty stashed somewhere)
  • Plan room for a fresh and gray water tanks (but not black)
  • Most likely I’ll have an exterior mount a bank of batteries under the frame and controls, inverter, etc inside
  • Height of furniture should not extend above about 40 inches (unless you have some super awesome idea you think I must consider)
  • If you feel your design is absolutely amazing, and that some of the guidelines I’ve provided are not realistic, then break the rules and submit your mind-blowing design and rock my world!

Here is a handy template you can use if it is helpful. Of course, I appreciate the hand-made aspect of drawings on napkins, but feel free to use whatever works for you!


Here is a layout diagram of the van interior; if it helps, please use it, but I love napkin drawings! Remember, keep it simple and have fun!


  1. The only thing I can recommend is your water tanks be right behind the driver seat or the middle of the van. If they are in the back of the van you may find it a little harder to steer with the weight of the water tanks.

    • great suggestion. thanks

      • I agree with Brian and if you are looking to live in the vehicle in below freezing weather, I would further suggest to keep the fresh water tanks inside the vehicle with a thick sheet of styrofoam between the tanks and the floor for insulation. Since you are going to heat the inside anyways, you won’t have to worry about fresh water freezing and possibly bursting tank or lines. I’m going to have mine custom made by a plastic welding shop (with baffles) and they will be the base for my seating area, which is along both side walls, right behind the driver and passenger seats.

        • I never ever ever plan to be in temperatures anywhere near freezing. I only plan on being in the 65-85 degree zones. if it gets below 65 I’m heading toward warmer areas! that said, the water tanks will all be inside the main living area with a battery bank mounted to the frame outside

  2. I have a JPEG of a plan I have for my step van. What I need from you is an E-Mail addy I can use. The one you provide I cannot use because I am missing som program or other. I promise you will like the plan.

    • instead of clicking on the link, you might consider typing it into your “to” field of your email program and sending the attachment that way. that is the only email address I’m willing to provide. my own email is on the same account, so if you can’t use this one, my main account won’t work for you either.

  3. Just checking, I think you have a typo on the rear door width. Did you mean 38″ total (about 19″ each) ? That’s what I was guessing from the stated overall width and looking at the video.

    • correct. 19 ea


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