Where are the Aluminum Cans in Europe?

The other day I was looking around and it dawned on me that something was strange. All of the soft drinks and beer in the super market were in bottles. In fact everything was in either bottles with only a few items in plastic. The only exception was milk and fruit drinks which were in rectangular boxes with twist off lids. There were absolutely no aluminum cans. Now I’m wondering if maybe they are not legal anywhere in Europe because since coming here I’ve not seen one aluminum can anywhere! I began wondering what was going on so I did some digging online and discovered many European countries had made use of aluminum cans illegal. However, when the European Union formed, some of these strict laws were repealed and replaced by a deposit law where individual countries added a recycling deposit to the cost of purchasing liquids with various types of containers. I can only surmise that in the countries I’ve visited either the deposits are very high for aluminum cans, or that the society there simply refused to buy products in aluminum cans. I suspect the latter is true because Europeans are absolutely crazy about recycling everything (and I’m beginning to adopt similar thinking).

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  1. Yeah, it is certainly curious to see so few aluminum cans. I can’t imagine the use of aluminum cans being illegal, but it is incredible if it is!


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